Project Details

Bayside Condominium’s Pool

Bayside CondosBayside Condominiums’ pool required constant cleanup maintenance because of debris from theĀ  landscaping. They wanted to attach something to the fence around the pool that would stop leaves and grass clippings from getting into the area but still allow a breeze to come through. Their maintenance manager, who has been a customer of Bambi’s Boatworks for a couple of years, contacted Marguerite for help with this problem.

After lengthy discussions, it was determined that a fence skirt made from a product called Phifertex Plus would do the job. Phifertex Plus is a vinyl encapsulated mesh that comes in several colors. It is used in various marine applications, which means it can stand up to the constant UV exposure. The skirt was secured to the aluminum fence using nickel-plated bronze snap-fastener studs.

While installing the fence skirt, some of the condo owners expressed their concerns that it would block the breeze and make it even hotter during the summer. After installation, their concerns were eliminated and the owners are very happy with the skirt; they like the privacy it gives them while allowing the breeze to flow through. The maintenance manager is satisfied because it is now easier to keep the pool clean, which also keeps the condo owners happier.