Project Details

Center Console Enclosure

This custom canvas project is for a center console enclosure on a charter fishing boat to provide protection for the captain in various weather situations. The captain needs to be able to put up or take down the enclosure easily.

Stainless Steel fasteners are installed into the aluminum support tubing along with Ultra Tef Gel, which creates a barrier between the dissimilar metals to prevent any corrosion that may occur. The panels are made of Strataglass 40 mil clear vinyl, faced with Weblon Regatta Yacht Fabric (white) and sewn with white Tenara thread. There is one panel across the bow section of the console and two panels on each side. The forward side panel is secured close to the console. The aft side panel is fabricated to look like a wing which attaches along the forward edge to the center console support pipe and along the aft edge to the gunnel. This allows the panel to be rolled up when the weather is calm, and easily dropped and secured when needed.